VDrum FAQ’s

How Long does a V-Drums Wrap take from Start to Finish? 

Most wraps are produced “on-time” meaning that your order is custom created at the time of ordering. Depending on factory backlogs, stock or customized options of your chosen finish, wraps can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete from start to finish.  Contact us to determine lead time.

What are your Wood VDrum Wraps Made of?

NMCD’s custom VDrum wraps are High-res images printed & laminated on PVC based plastic and have endured many hours of use and have yet to experience flaws. The are not wood based veneers & won’t crack.

Can Your V-Drums Wraps be Scratched Easily?

Of course! Just like any drum wrap, or finish on your instrument, they are prone to get scratched from time to time. So protect your investment!

How do I put your V-Drums Wraps on my TD-20 & TD-30 Drum Kit?

Check out how easily owner Nathan applies a V-Drums wrap HERE!