What is your Shipping policy?

NMCD offers their drum wraps to Canada & the USA only!  Shipments from NM Custom Drums are sent via Expedited Canada Post or Canpar Express and customers will receive shipping notifications upon their order leaving our shop. All wraps are sold on a strict “No Refunds or Returns” policy.

NMCD can only ship OffWorld Percussion products within Canada.

Remote Canadian Locations: NMCD reserves the right to determine what a Remote Location is and reserves the right to cancel/refund an order to a remote location if shipping cannot be arranged.  There may also be additional shipping charges on orders depending on the size and bulk of the order. We will be sure to contact customers before any such charge is added. NMCD does not accommodate ‘returns’ from remote locations.

Can you arrange for overnight shipping?

On items that are in-stock we can expedite the shipping process at additional cost depending on the items size and weight.

Can you offer local pickup?

Yes, if you live in the Toronto or Ottawa area it is often possible for our products to be available for you to pickup. In addition we travel to numerous Scottish Festivals each season and can bring your order with us. There is a nominal handling charge for this service of $5.00. We will refund the overpaid portion of your shipping costs immediately after the item has been picked up.

What is your Return policy?

All wraps, custom cut or adjusted items, and items sold “As-Is” may not be returned or refunded.

Any product eligible for return must be returned in the original container, with all original documentation, and be in an unused condition. All return postage and other expenses are the responsibility of the person/group who purchased the item. It is recommended that you contact us before sending any item back to NMCD.

Because PayPal charges a processing fee on both ends of a return, we will only refund the amount of the purchase with the PayPal fees deducted.

What is your Sales Tax Policy policy?

NMCD collects and remits all applicable sales taxes in accordance with Canadian provincial and national laws. Because tax laws and rates are constantly changing and we rely on the PayPal system to accurately charge these taxes we will review and make any corrections to the amount of taxes charged, notifying you immediately should there be a discrepancy. Should you feel a calculation has been made in error please do not hesitate to contact us.

What about International Orders?

All shipping, duty and processing costs are the responsibility of the person or group who placed the order. We will complete all necessary paperwork and declare the exact invoiced value of the items being shipped. We do not mark items as “gifts” or other indications intended to mislead border officials. Additional handling charges may apply for the paperwork. These must be paid prior to the order being shipped.

Contact us HERE should you have any questions.

VDrum FAQ’s

How long does a VDrum Wrap Take from Start to Finish? 

Depending on Stock or customized options of your chosen finish, Wraps can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete from start to finish. Lead times are determined by volume, custom imaging, and process.

What are your VDrum Wraps Made of?

NMCD’s custom VDrum wraps are High-res images printed & laminated on PVC based plastic and have endured many hours of use and have yet to experience flaws.

Can Your VDrum Wraps be Scratched Easily?

Of course! Just like any drum wrap, or finish on your instrument, they are prone to get scratched from time to time. So protect your investment!

How do I put your VDrum Wraps on my TD-20 & TD-30 Drum Kit?

Check out how easily owner Nathan applies a VDrum wrap HERE!

OffWorld Percussion Inc. FAQ’s

Courtesy of OffWorld Percussion Inc.  www.offworldpercussion.com


The following questions have been asked during our ongoing critiques of the INVADER™ series practice pads by players either having direct experience and/or examining them online. We conduct extensive reviews on all feedback (both the positive and negative) and we are pleased that this input continues since these implements were released.

Is there a warranty on the Invader V3 series?

Offworld™ does offer a limited 1 year warranty on the Invader™ V3 series.

“It’s pretty big for a snare pad. Why does it weigh so much?”

The INVADER™ comes to a total span of 13 1/2”, and was designed to manifest the perfect diameter to utilize the top circumference of the archetype 14” drum. In keeping with the original motives behind its creation, OffWorld believes a device of this kind needs to allow for the maximum surface area possible to more completely duplicate the experience of performing on a typical snare drum, the instrument it was specifically designed to emulate. The V3 will actually accommodate 3 players executing with correct form while surrounding the device on a stand.

Weight : After many years of materials testing, a moderate amount of weight produced by the these components is the only way to ensure an extremely rigid and vibration-proof experience when using. In short, a good practice pad should feel absolutely solid when struck, just like a drum does. Also, OffWorld has more recently begun to use a higher density core to further counteract any vibration caused by vigorous playing.

INVADERS™ fit nicely into standard backpacks and laptop-sized bags. At roughly 5.5 lbs they are truly the stoutest devices of their kind. Readily portable, they are easily capable of equipping a myriad of player levels from beginning students to consummate professionals.

What’s the difference between the v.2 and the new V3?

As with many other more experimental products, the physical manifestation of the INVADER™ was refined in order to continue striving for the more all around paradigm practice implement. Since the debut of the v.1 and v.2 in the spring of 2008, the V3 employs further advancements on the previous model by presenting a more rugged industrial-spec composite outer matrix and patented rim component, which also effectively lightens the overall weight of the device. The V3 is also roughly 1/2” larger in diameter to more fully utilize the inner circumference of and duplicate the performance on a true 14” snare. The Darkmatter™ playing surface and lower non-slip surfaces as well as the core substrate, rim thickness and height are identical to the v.2 in every other way.

What’s INVADER V3 surface made of? “Does it play like a real drumhead?”

The revolutionary Darkmatter™ that equips the black-surfaced INVADER V3 is a high density, industrial-spec, military-grade polymer which is applied while at high temperature and cured to form a thermo-molecular bond with the surrounding matrix. The driving concept behind the creation of this unit is to provide the smoothest possible transition from practice pad to drum. For many years, natural and artificial rubber-based compounds have been utilized as playing surfaces in the creation of practice pads. Through no rubber-style practice pad will likely ever perfectly replicate the actual instrument, The Darkmatter™ has been specifically formulated (and exhaustively field-tested) to simulate the rebound and articulation of a Kevlar/Aramid-Mylar based drumhead as closely as possible, as utilized more specifically on contemporary rudimental marching snares within the corps/band and pipe band communities, than any other drum practice pad ever created. Concert, Drum kit and tenor-based, mylar drumhead-acclimated percussionists interested in honing their rudimental chops have also provided great feedback from their experience with this surface. Considering upwards of 80% of a player’s practice can go into pads rather than the actual instrument, the development of the Darkmatter™ (in combination with use of the patented Rims™ component) to mirror the actual performance of a drum is absolutely vital to avoid what drummers regularly refer to as “pad-hands”.

Will the Rim destroy drumsticks the way a real drum rim does?

The patented INVADER Rims™ element was designed to simulate the look and feel of playing a true drum rim as much as possible without ultimately damaging sticks the way a more “knife-edge” drum rim does. The surface area of the Invader’s rim is nearly twice again as thick creating a much greater area of shock experienced by sticks during shots translating to considerably less overall damage over time. Any real impact to sticks could be better described as larger “welts” than dents or cuts. In short, you are more likely to destroy the same pair of sticks upon regular transition to the drum then you ever would on an INVADER™