The NM Custom Drums brand started when the demand for the customization Nathan McLaren had been offering to marching percussionist started to be requested by set drummers. It was hard to turn away the phone inquiries! The hours spent answering questions on the phone or by email grew into “Get your drum to me and I’ll fix it for you.” … which grew into … “Yes, I can build that snare for you.” … to … “A 14″ floor tom? Yes, I can match that covering on a new floor tom.”

In 2011, NMCD narrowed its manufacturing of acoustic drum sets & marching percussion to focus soley on the customization of Roland V-Drums Products.  As the #1 seller for V-Drums wraps in the world, we’re proud to ship around the globe and look forward to serving you and your passion.cropped-cropped-top7.png